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Club Reminders

The club Eurostar is available for hire, see Jim Lister for details


The club Flex-wing is available for hire, see Kevin Whitehead for details.


Hangar space is normally available at Perth - contact Elaine Whitehead for details


Aviation Maps

The latest CAA maps are now available from Elaine in the SAC office.

Aviation Without Borders

The charity Aviation Without Borders has been organising a flying day for disadvantaged kids at Perth for many years and this year National Fly Kids Day will be held at Scone on Saturday 18th June. We are hoping to organise a few pilots to fly probably about 10-12 kids in some of the 4 seat aircraft. Volunteers are welcome, to help with hangar visits and hospitality.

Errol Fly Past 2016

Errol Fly Past 2016

On the 9th of May 10 aircraft from the club took part in an informal fly past at Errol airfield to honour the Russian airmen that trained there during the war. 


This was the anniversary of V day in Russia WW2, and was commemorated with wreath laying at the Russian Monument at the top of the North South Runway near the white entrance gates. The event was attended by the consul and vice Consul from Edinburgh, the Perth & KInross  Provost, along with the Perth Friends of Pskov in Russia. 


Since the Memorial was been erected last year, the whole story has been attracting a lot of interest in Russia. and it is now on the List of Monuments of commemoration to those who fought in the WW2.


Please click on read more below for the full story.

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