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Club Reminders

The club Eurostar is available for hire, see Jim Lister for details


The club Flex-wing is available for hire, see Kevin Whitehead for details.


Hangar space is normally available at Perth - contact Elaine Whitehead for details


Perth Airport


Information for Pilots 


Perth Airport Website



Check with the A.I.S. website for current copies of the following:-


A.I.S. Textual data AD 2-EGPT-1


A.I.S. Airport Diagram AD 2-EGPT-2-1


(if links are broken then look for aerodrome index specific on the A.I.S. website)



NOTE : Noise sensitive area, White house near the end of 21, please avoid overflying.



PPR available from Radio Room: 01738 551631

Temporary and overnight hangarage - Scottish Aero Club 01738 550055


Fuel JET A1 & AVGAS 100LL Available.



UK Met Office TAFs for North England, Scotland and Ireland (requires registration)

METARS in Plain English web site recommended using the following nearest airports. (With thanks to WWW.TheHangar.co.uk)

  • Dundee Airport - EGPN (13 miles East)
  • Leuchars (MIL) - EGQL (20 miles ESE)
  • Edinburgh - EGPH (34 miles S)



Official: AIS / NATS website (registration required)

Unofficial suggested alternative: Internet Pilot Planning Centre

  • FIR = EGPX
  • Perth Airport = EGPT, Dundee = EGPN, Leuchars = EGQL, Edinburgh = EGPH


Disclaimer :- The individual Pilot is responsible for the accuracy of pre flight information and safety of the flight. This page is for a guide only.

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