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Booking Out

1.  Booking out.

It is necessary that all flights book out.  This topic has been again raised by the CAA as an airport requirement.  All members are encouraged to respect this request, which is made for several reasons: (1) as a legal requirement; (2) for safety reasons (ie.creation of an informal flight plan); and (3) as a matter of good airmanship.

There are several ways for SAC members to book out:

  • The most preferred method of doing so in online through www.perthairport.co.uk.  This site can be accessed from the Club’s briefing room computer, from home, or from anywhere else with internet access, including mobile devices which most of us have these days.
  • During operating hours, booking out can still be done with the Tower through Perth Radio on 121.080
Out of Hours Indemnity

Click HERE to view instructions from Perth Airport

Aircraft Self Hire Agreement

Click HERE to view agreements for hire of club aircraft


All aircraft wishing to use Perth airport are requested to complete the PPR Application Form  HERE to ensure you are booked in and we are expecting your arrival. For out of hours information please contact Perth Airport on 01738 551 631 during airport opening hours.

Aircraft Liability Insurance

All aircraft operating from the SAC hangar, and from Perth Airport, must carry appropriate, current liability insurance.

Failure to maintain current insurance is a violation of any aircaft’s contract for hangarage with the SAC, so please ensure that this is observed in order to protect both yourselves and your fellow members in the hangar.

Airport SOP

Click HERE to view the Perth Airport SOP

Check with the A.I.S. website for current copies of the following:-

A.I.S. Textual data AD 2-EGPT-1
A.I.S. Airport Diagram AD 2-EGPT-2-1
(if links are broken then look for aerodrome index specific on the A.I.S. website)

NOTE : Noise sensitive area, White house near the end of 21, please avoid overflying.



PPR available from Radio Room: 01738 551631
Radio Frequency: 121.080
Temporary and overnight hangarage – Scottish Aero Club 01738 550055
Fuel JET A1 & AVGAS 100LL Available.



UK Met Office TAFs for North England, Scotland and Ireland (requires registration)

METARS in Plain English web site recommended using the following nearest airports. (With thanks to WWW.TheHangar.co.uk)

  • Dundee Airport – EGPN (13 miles East)
  • Leuchars (MIL) – EGQL (20 miles ESE)
  • Edinburgh – EGPH (34 miles S)



Official: AIS / NATS website (registration required)


  • FIR = EGPX
  • Perth Airport = EGPT, Dundee = EGPN, Leuchars = EGQL, Edinburgh = EGPH

Disclaimer :- The individual Pilot is responsible for the accuracy of pre flight information and safety of the flight. This page is for a guide only.